It’s Up to Us

It’s up to us as to how we respond to the contents of our minds. But if we don’t want to make that choice, and we want to go on with our painful stories, then that’s what we choose. In that moment we’ve chosen to be a victim of our painful stories, and that’s just the way it is.

Pure Pleasure

The life of benefit, pure pleasure and of all treasure is not the life that is known if one’s vantage is limited only to reified data, but in glowing knowing—in the heart essence of all dimensions—this reality is known.

Basic Naked Knowing

The truth of all is known from the basic naked knowing which carries benefit, pure pleasure and all other treasures.

Glowing Knowing

All data existing in all dimensions have no nature apart from the glowing knowing of the open-intelligence nature.

The Great Force Outshining

Effortlessly disabling all reified intelligences based on indulgence, avoidance or replacement of data, the consummate intelligence—open intelligence—is the great force outshining all ways and means of the severely crippling, reified human intelligence now in its death throes of excessive negativity.