The Ease of Our Own Being

If we think that our thoughts, emotions, experiences and circumstances need to be changed in order to realize who we are, or if we think that the projections of our own minds need to be changed, we are in shackles. Nothing needs to be changed. The natural state, the ease of our own being, is already guaranteed to everyone.

The Great Normalizer and Equalizer

Open intelligence is the great normalizer and equalizer of all experience and is the greatest good fortune.

Basic Identity

The most magnificent powers of basic identity can only be comprehended and instinctively recognized in your own experience, nowhere else.

Incredible Potency

Moment by moment, society is increasingly stable and beneficial. Do not underestimate the incredible potency of the single short moment of open intelligence.

A Single Short Moment

In very great open intelligence society, all afflictive circumstances are increasingly outshone by each individual’s powerful commitment to a single short moment of open intelligence.