Always Present

If there is a moment of open intelligence or not, it's fine. If there is complete distraction by thoughts, that’s fine. If there is distraction, simply relax in a natural way as soon as it is noticed that there is distraction. This is a short moment of open intelligence. By repeating it again and again, it is recognized that it is always present.

Unchanging Open Intelligence

By the power of a short moment of open intelligence, repeated many times, it becomes impossible to be derailed by disturbing emotions. Instead, you remain as you are—stable, clear and at ease. It is the easy way to live. Unchanging open intelligence is your vantage.

Natural Perfection

By the power of open intelligence, the burden of changing the flow of data is relieved and natural perfection is instinctively recognized. Open intelligence is free in its natural perfection.

True Confidence

True confidence is instinctive realization of openhearted open intelligence—knowing how to rely on open intelligence in any data-stream. By the power of open intelligence, we are no longer afraid of ourselves.

Complete Ease

There is complete ease, alertness, clarity, insight and openheartedness in whatever happens. Everything is simple—more simple than simple.