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We Keep it Simple

We keep it simple: short moments, many times. The Four Mainstays always support us in gaining assurance in open intelligence and remind us to empower ourselves.

Always Present

Short moments of open intelligence can be likened to creating a perfect diamond necklace. Each diamond is added to the necklace with complete confidence that a dazzling necklace will be the result. The process is the same with short moments of open intelligence, just as stringing one perfect diamond at a time leads to a complete necklace, by relying on always present open intelligence for short moments again and again, those short moments become continuous in one’s own experience.

The Balanced View

Repeatedly allow short moments of open intelligence, leaving everything just as it is. Short moments of open intelligence increasingly open up the balanced view and insight of open intelligence.

Potent Benefit

Due to the potent benefit we find in short moments, we naturally commit to open intelligence.

Relaxed Open Intelligence

Relaxed open intelligence can be recognized in any circumstance—walking, running, working, thinking, parenting, studying, eating, making love and all daily activities.