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Profound Intelligence

In open intelligence, there is profound intelligence and we are introduced to it right on the spot wherever we are.

Rest in Open Intelligence

Practically, this is how it works: When disturbing states arise, rely on a short moment of open intelligence. Over time, by the power of the short moment growing longer, there is instinctive open intelligence regardless of what type of thought, emotion, sensation or experience arises. Much to our surprise, we find that all of these disturbing states rest in open intelligence!

The Most Important Choice

We choose for open intelligence to be obvious to us or not. Moment-to-moment open intelligence is the most important choice we will ever make. 

Ever-Present Open Intelligence

It’s up to each one of us! For many of us, it is most challenging to rely on open intelligence when there are disturbing thoughts, emotions, sensations, or other experiences. It is important to see that even very disturbing states arise within ever-present open intelligence. Please acknowledge that the basis of all data is open intelligence.

We Empower Ourselves

Initially, we know how to use open intelligence to benefit ourselves. We empower ourselves with short moments.