Wholly Positive

Beyond all the extremes, beyond the labels of good and bad, is wisdom. Wisdom does not need anything to be good; it is already wholly positive in and of itself.

Love is Our True Nature

As the ease of our own being becomes more and more obvious to us, then we know what love is. Love and ease are equal and synonymous. Love is our true nature. We were meant to love others and ourselves without excluding anything. Nothing needs to be manipulated, coaxed to another level or changed.

The Balanced View of Wisdom

Open intelligence overcomes all negativity with the balanced view of wisdom. This means that our primary relationship with everyone is from the self-perfect nature of open intelligence, because through relying on open intelligence we’ve come to see that we are all part of the natural order of everything.

The Truly Natural Order

When we take it upon ourselves to act as nature does, then we begin to see the truly natural order of everything, and we are able to live and respond appropriately to our own individual life and to the lives of everyone else.

Complete Spaciousness

When we rely on the natural ease of being, we discover that every single moment is the supreme moment of complete spaciousness that has never been tied to anything. It’s completely pure, entirely restful, and is filled with an energy beyond anything that can ever be cooked up through data.