Flooded with Light

A short moment of open intelligence can be likened to pressing a button and getting a specific effect. For example, you press a lamp switch and the light goes on. The area is flooded with light. Similarly, in a short moment of open intelligence you seize the power of the most comprehensive order of human intelligence to contribute to all aspects of everyday life.

The Super Re-Set Button

A short moment of open intelligence is the super re-set button for beneficially empowering your mind, speech, body, qualities and activities.


The treasure is contained in the phrase “in short moments, repeated many times, open intelligence become continuous.” Once you are introduced to open intelligence, you can identify it in yourself.

We Gain Familiarity

Whatever we are looking for anywhere else, it already exists within us. It’s only by relying on open intelligence repeatedly, over and over again, that we gain familiarity with it, and we find the real safety and comfort we’ve always been looking for. No matter where we are searching, unless we know this underlying basis that is the utterly safe haven of rest, we just can’t find a truly safe place anywhere.

Absolute Love

Through relying on open intelligence we discover that the nature of our own being is the absolute safety and absolute love that we’ve been seeking. Until we rest in that basis, life will be fraught with uncertainty.