As We Are

We can just face ourselves exactly as we are, not needing to rely on anything else but open intelligence, knowing that it is going to take us all the way.

An Optimal State

Open intelligence is not another complicated solution that no one can understand. No, it is something simple and direct, yet at the same time it plays out with a brilliant complexity. It brings us into an optimal state of functioning that completely devours all of our elaborations.

Constantly Expressive

The power of great open intelligence can never just sit as its space-like expanse and is constantly expressive!

Inseparably All-Pervasive

Open intelligence and data, brightly and inseparably all-pervasive like a rainbow and space.

Shining from Within

Thoughts, emotions, sensations or other experience, at all times and in all circumstances, there is recognition of open intelligence shining from within data.