As We Are

We accept ourselves as we are, including all our data. In this way, all situations can be utilized to intensify and gain assurance in open intelligence.

Bold Humility

In the naturally occurring and bold humility of open intelligence, we increase our capacity to rely on open intelligence rather than on data.

Genuine Relationship

If you get comfortable with your own self, then you can be comfortable in any situation. It is not possible to have a genuine relationship with life or with another person without having a genuine relationship with yourself.

Inexhaustible Realization

The realization that is important to the moment, whatever it is, that is what it is—inexhaustible realization.

Inexhaustibly Present

There is no destination to reach, no place to go to. We do not have to search high and low, climb mountains, get qualifications or read all the books. There could not possibly be a destination, because open intelligence is inexhaustibly present.