The Open Intelligence View

Open intelligence cuts through the continuous stream of data-reification. Data are sealed open in the open intelligence view. Open intelligence’s sharp and pithy directness and ferocity confirms its ongoing freeing of data.

Re-Set Button

Hit the open intelligence re-set button in short moments of open intelligence, repeated again and again, until open intelligence is continuously obvious at all times.

Fierce Open Intelligence

Do not settle for temporary states of bliss or non-thought. Seal them open with a short moment of direct, fierce open intelligence. In short moments of open intelligence, repeated again and again, open intelligence becomes automatic.

Open Intelligence Optimizes

Open intelligence rests naturally and potently as the only nature of all data, information and knowledge. Open intelligence optimizes open-ended knowledge creation. Open intelligence optimizes open-ended benefit creation.

Lucidity Reigns

You continue on, just like this, lucid, clear, potent and beneficial. Data do not take hold. Data reification has gone away. Lucidity reigns. Data are outshone by the open intelligence view.