Open Intelligence

It makes no difference what data-streams arise. In open intelligence,
they vanish naturally, leaving no trace, like a line drawn in the sky.

Powers of Great Benefit

The trainers are essential friends with special training who have the skill to elicit all of the power of open intelligence, completely confirming it and evoking your powers of great benefit.


All data streams are emptied of reification, producing only potent
beneficial energy through the powerful formula of the Four Mainstays:
short moments + trainer + training + 24/7 world-wide community =
Complete life-satisfaction and empowerment.

Always on

Open intelligence is always on in all data. Right now, look to your
own experience to see if it is like that or not.

Upgrade Human Intelligence

It is of crucial importance to upgrade human intelligence. We need to extract the power from data by relying on open intelligence’s beneficial potency.