Forever Flawless

Come to a complete stop and enrich yourself and the whole world with the open intelligence that’s at the basis of everything. No one is dependent on any label to be. Being is, regardless of labels. The only self-essence of any label is forever flawless open intelligence, so why not look at everything from the vantage of open intelligence rather than through the foggy filters of labels?

Wholly Positive

Beyond all the extremes, beyond the labels of good and bad, is wisdom. Wisdom does not need anything to be good; it is already wholly positive in and of itself.

Profound Wisdom

It is by allowing everything to be as it is that we open up to a profound wisdom that has been unknown to us. This wisdom is powerfully responsive in all situations. It is the wisdom of a balanced view that is not dependent on descriptive frameworks.

The Ease of Our Own Being

If we think that our thoughts, emotions, experiences and circumstances need to be changed in order to realize who we are, or if we think that the projections of our own minds need to be changed, we are in shackles. Nothing needs to be changed. The natural state, the ease of our own being, is already guaranteed to everyone.

The Great Normalizer and Equalizer

Open intelligence is the great normalizer and equalizer of all experience and is the greatest good fortune.