At the Basis of it All

When we rely on open intelligence we don’t need to be a victim or a perpetrator. We give up all our descriptions about who we’ve taken ourselves to be, and we get familiar with what’s at the basis of it all.

Unalterable Open Intelligence

In relying on unalterable open intelligence, it becomes more and more obvious to us that what appears in open intelligence, as it only is open intelligence, cannot alter open intelligence. No matter what appears, it’s a vivid appearance of open intelligence. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a thought, an emotion, a sensation, a serious bodily illness or injury or even death. Whatever it is, we know we’re going to be okay.

Free of the Perception of Suffering

If we are able to rest and not be at war with our thoughts and emotions, we’ll no longer collapse into this idea of a “poor me” who is a victim of suffering. In open intelligence we realize that we’re really free of the perception of suffering, even though suffering appears.

Test Norway

test norway 

It’s Up to Us

It’s up to us as to how we respond to the contents of our minds. But if we don’t want to make that choice, and we want to go on with our painful stories, then that’s what we choose. In that moment we’ve chosen to be a victim of our painful stories, and that’s just the way it is.