Bare Expanse

First, put your mind into its basic, potent state—relaxed, without reified data streams. Rely on that bare expanse of open, spontaneous presence, directly and fiercely.

Full-Blown Open Intelligence

Exalted open intelligence this short moment, when you live like that, full-blown open intelligence with all of its magnificent beneficial powers and activities of body, speech and mind presents no difficulty. And if not, still life will be happy.

Commanding Open Intelligence

However data are labeled, whatever its name, it is the liveliness of commanding open intelligence. Transparent and traceless, it is pure of anything of a different kind.

Equally and Evenly

Whichever datum shines forth it is food for sheer open intelligence potency. Freely going everywhere, equally and evenly, open intelligence simultaneously pervades all data like a perfect crystal ball pervades its reflections.

Open Intelligence Benefit

By recognizing data’s basis the benefit of open intelligence benefit, the here-and-now is like a line drawn in water, self-shining and self-freeing.